The Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB)-MIMAROPA Region is ISO 9001:2015 certified. This international seal for quality management system standard reflects the Office’s commitment to be the primary government agency, under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), responsible for the sustainable mineral resources development in MIMAROPA Region. As a consistent top performing agency, it recognizes the development of an effective institutional structure and a responsive policy framework, in partnership with stakeholders, to govern mineral exploration, and mining and investment decisions.

            It is committed to be an efficient and effective steward of mineral resources, and aims to be the leading geosciences and georesources agency serving the provinces of Oriental and Occidental Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon, and Palawan.


Office of the Regional Director

The Office of Regional Director shall implement the pertinent laws policies, rules and regulations and programs; exercise the management functions of planning, organizing, directing and controlling; undertake Information, Education and   Communication campaign; and perform such other duties and functions as may be provided by law or delegated by the Director.


Finance and Administrative Division

The Finance and Administrative Division (FAD) shall provide general administrative services pertaining to human and financial resources and property and records management.

It shall have the following sections: 


Finance Section

Provides budgeting and accounting services. 

Administrative Section

Provides services on human resource, property and records management, including cashiering and other general services.


Geosciences Division

The Geosciences Division (GD) shall undertake land and marine geoscientific surveys (including mineral exploration, geological mapping, geohazard assessment, groundwater resource exploration vulnerability assessment, and engineering geological and geo-environmental studies) and provide geological laboratory and information services. 

It shall have the following sections: 

General and Economic Geology Section

  • Conducts geological mapping, and other specialized studies involving stratigraphy, structural geology and tectonics, and geomorphology, among others;
  • Conducts mineral exploration (including characterization and modelling of mineral deposits);
  • Undertakes the evaluation of proposed mineral reservation;
  • Conducts validation and inventory of mineral resource;
  • Assists in the evaluation of mining tenements in relation to mineral exploration;
  • Conducts Information, Education and Communication campaigns on geosciences (including geology, geohazard, rocks and mineral deposits, hydrogeology).

Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology Section

  • Conducts hydrogeological exploration and vulnerability assessment; and
  • Conducts geo-environmental studies (including assessment of possible solid waste disposal sites and studies on climate change and other environmental impacts).

Geohazard and Engineering Geology Section

  • Conducts geohazard and risk assessment (including hazard modelling, and engineering geological studies);
  • Conducts relocation/resettlement and evacuation site assessment in support to disaster risk reduction and management programs; and
  • Undertakes geological scoping and review of engineering geological and geohazard assessment reports.

Geological Laboratory Services Section

  • Provides services on geological laboratory analysis of minerals/ores, rocks, soil, sediments, fossils, water and other types of samples.


Mine Management Division

The Mine Management Division (MMD) shall undertake initial evaluation of mining and mining-related applications, monitoring of the disposition and utilization of mineral lands and resources, and  survey of mineral lands.

It shall have the following sections:

Mining Tenement Evaluation Section

  • Undertakes initial evaluation of mining and mining-related applications;
  • Undertakes registration and maintains a registry of mining-related documents;
  • Investigates and assists in the resolution of conflicts/adverse claims/oppositions concerning mining tenements;
  • Evaluates the financial and economic components of proposed mining projects; and
  • Maintains the Regional MRMS.

Monitoring and Technical Services Section

  • Undertakes monitoring of the disposition and utilization of mineral lands and resources;
  • Validates mineral reserves of mining operations;
  • Undertakes mineral statistical analysis; and
  • Provides technical assistance to stakeholders.

Mineral Lands Survey Section

  • Undertakes evaluation of applications for survey order and survey returns, and survey plans in areas outside mineral reservations;
  • Undertakes initial evaluation of applications for survey order and survey returns and survey plans in areas within mineral reservations;
  • Verifies mining tenement boundaries in connection with mining applications and in cases of conflicts/adverse claims/oppositions in areas outside mineral reservations;
  • Assists in the evaluation of mining applications in relation to mining tenement boundaries;
  • Manages the regional mining tenement control map; and
  • Evaluates the deputation of Geodetic Engineers.


Mine Safety, Environment and Social Development Division

The Mine Safety, Environment and Social Development Division (MSESDD) shall conduct the evaluation and monitoring of implementation of programs and investigate incidents/complaints on mine safety and health, environmental management and social development.

It shall have the following sections:

Mine Environmental Management Section

  • Conducts initial evaluation/validation of environmental management programs;
  • Evaluates annual environmental management programs and small-scale mining environmental management plan;
  • Conducts monitoring of implementation of environmental management programs and compliance with other environmental requirements; and
  • Investigates incidents/complaints relating to environmental management and abandoned mines. 

Mine Safety & Health Section

  • Evaluates mine safety and health programs and related permit applications;
  • Conducts monitoring of implementation of mine safety and health programs and compliance with other mine safety and health requirements; and
  • Investigates incidents/complaints relating to mine safety and health.

Social Development Section

  • Evaluates social development programs;
  • Conducts monitoring of implementation of social development programs and compliance with other social development requirements; and
  • Investigates incidents/complaints relating to the implementation of social development programs.