The dialogues are specifically conducted to provide venue for the review of existing and emerging norms, guidelines and initiatives on Extractive Industries in the country and serve as fora as well for sharing key challenges, experiences, and lessons learned in protecting its lands and natural resources among stakeholders. Outputs and recommendations are expected to enhance the implementation of programs, reducing the adverse impacts of extractive businesses and enhancing development outcomes for communities and marginalized sectors.

RD De Jesus discussed in his presentation the key challenges and on-ground situations of mining and quarrying in the MIMAROPA region. He also presented on relevant national and international norms and guidelines and practical application, focusing on existing policies, laws and frameworks that govern the mining activities in the country and how they are being implemented.

Other highlight of the event is a breakout group discussion on the effective implementation of Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) to ensure that mining communities are accorded their fair share in the conduct of mining business.

Through these multi-stakeholder dialogues, the organizers believe that stakeholders are provided an increased awareness, understanding and appreciation on current mining issues in the local and national levels, thus improving the EI governance to better protect people’s rights to land and natural resources.