Geologists from the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) MIMAROPA Region visited the Municipalities of San Jose and Magsaysay in Occidental Mindoro on May 15-30, 2022 to assess the groundwater resources of the said areas, and to produce a 1:50,000 scale hydrogeologic map to aid the concerned local government units for effective groundwater resources management.

This study aims to determine the groundwater availability and quality in different rock units, and to establish the vulnerability of aquifers in major watersheds as well as the potentials and limitations of groundwater usage. The methodology used in the assessment includes geological mapping, well and spring inventories, in-situ water quality measurements, and electrical resistivity surveys.

Out of the 213 water point inventory sites in San Jose, 199 were inventoried from wells (e.g., dug wells, shallow pumping wells, etc.) while 14 were from springs. Well inventory sites are distributed in the entire mainland San Jose and in Ilin and Ambulong Islands. Meanwhile, spring water inventory sites are mostly located in Ilin and Ambulong Islands.

Groundwater resource and vulnerability assessment1

Groundwater resource and vulnerability assessment2

Groundwater resource and vulnerability assessment3

For the Municipality of Magsaysay, 105 were inventoried from wells while only four were from springs out of the 109 water point inventory sites.

Groundwater resource and vulnerability assessment4

Water discharge measurement of water pump in Sitio Inipitan, Brgy Poblacion, Magsaysay, Occidental Mindoro

Groundwater resource and vulnerability assessment5

Groundwater resource and vulnerability assessment6

Groundwater resource and vulnerability assessment7

The MGB MIMAROPA Groundwater Resource Assessment Team also conducted a total of 15 Vertical Electrical Sounding surveys within the two municipalities.

After processing of the gathered primary and secondary data, the team will be able to generate hydrogeologic map (per municipality), water quality maps (parameters: pH, total dissolved solids, salinity), and georesistivity section profiles.